Healing Circle Center

FIRST SUNDAY CEU & SUPPORT GROUP is a group for therapists - learn* heal* grow  $50  3-CEU‘s

This experiential group combines Yoga and Psychodrama to teach you some methods that are helpful in exploring superficial and core resiliencies.   Psychodrama is a method that is used with therapy, education and businesses to understand the opposite points of view; the parts of a personality; the embodiment of thoughts and to concretely practice options.   The future, the past, the present are all areas that can be worked through.  Yoga is a method and philosophy that offers neurological training; somatic awareness and energy medicine grounding an individual in the present moment.  Together these skills offer mindful awareness, restorative mending and personal development.


         Identify action/movement techniques that can be used with individuals or groups
         Justify the use of body therapies with scientific relevance from evidence based research
One Yoga philosophy of human suffering is based on the ‘Kleshas’ – impurities/distortions of un-conscious thought.  Based on these afflictions we will explore asana (yoga exercise), pranayama (breath control), and aspects of duality/non-duality through Psychodramatic action methods.  3 hours of fun!   1 – 4 pm
Sign Up cut off -  Thursday June 1st by 5pm.  Due to limited space.

Thank You!
Class meets at:  10300 North Central Expressway Ste #358. -  Expressive Therapies Office
Please be at the front lobby by 12:45 so that I can open the door for you!

For directions: Tzivia 214 232-5159

Session 3: JUNE 4 1 to 4 PM InnerBeing Storytelling​
Session 2: April 2 to 5 PM The Anxious Mind - Getting in the Flow
Session 1: March 5th   2 – 5 pm Exploring the Drama Triangle. 

How this came about……

I was recently at a fantastic “Expanding Your Practice in Trauma Therapy” conferment; through the Trauma Care Institute of Trauma Support Services of North Texas; and heard a number of therapists chastise themselves for becoming Depressed after the loss of a loved one – just because they ‘were professionals… and knew about Grief’.   I realized that it is time for us, as professionals to have a safe personal place to explore our varied aspects of life.  Thus, I am offering an action based educational and therapeutic group for my professional tribe. 

As you may know, I identify myself as a BodyMind Integration Therapist; in my specific type of creative work I meld the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the theories and techniques of Psychodrama and a taste of Ayurveda to work with people in their embodied presence and inner dramas to facilitate growth and function.  Psychodrama encourages brain plasticity through the uncoupling of firing memory nerves and re-organize neuropathways in a real-time action; which can re-wire the pathways differently.  Yoga informs the somatic resonance and metabolic balance, unleashing and re-creating new structures within which a new individual ‘Sef’ settles.   Although I speak poetically, this is the philosophical background to having Fun in education and growth.  

The CEU sessions will be experiential with participants exploring a given theme, and using their own life/professional experiences to grow and understand this therapy form.   The cost is minimal for 3 hours once per month. 3 Cue’s are available for: SW, LCDC, LMFT, LPC practitioners. 

Thank You!
Thank You!