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1 Hour $125 USD 

Counseling Session

Mind-Body Integration:

BodyMind Integration Counseling

A holistic mind-body approach steeped in Somatic and Cognitive Psychological Theory, focused on restoring balance and mobilizing the healing process on all levels of the human experience.  The axiom "the body reflects the mind, and the mind reflects the body" exemplifies the philosophy of this body-oriented psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behavioral work combined with methods such as body awareness, therapeutic touch; action in role-plays/psychodrama; visualization; Yogic breathing and stretches are utilized. BodyMind Integration allows one to explore old reactions; and learn new perspectives that are helpful in stabilizing symptoms.  BodyMind work integrates emotional and physical experiences alleviating 'body armor" helping to move one toward a healthful resolution.

Individual Counseling/ Grief and Transitional Therapy sessions are approximately 75 minutes for DSM diagnosis such as anxiety or depression.   Talk therapy helps clients to become aware of internal sensations: they might dialogue with the body or other important "objects" or people through role-playing.   Light touch through clothing, brings awareness to body parts (arms, shoulder, stomach), for client's focus. 
Yogic breathing, postures and other mindful processes get energy and circulation moving, and effects brain function.     Medical social work and case management are not generally part of sessions, however, a social work "bio-psycho-social" model of assessment is used and referral suggestions may be indicated.

Grief counseling assists care-givers and/ or family members in understanding the nature of the disease and loss or potential loss of their loved one.   Grief therapy is inclusive of individual needs; assisting families in expression and setting up appropriate alternate help as needed- both with anticipatory grief or bereavement issues.

Session Examples: 
Assessment, talk, identify issues-goals, breathe, present awareness, talk, alternative perspectives, role playing, present awareness, open energy channels, use of metaphors, talk, homework on Goals.

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